10 Things You Should Do Immediately After Sex

Sexual intercourse is undoubtedly an intense form of amazing sexual and emotional excitement that relieves the body from the physical and mental stress we face during the day or night.

However, let's not forget all these fantasies and ecstasy can be ruined if we cannot maintain good reproductive health. 

We might have experienced cases of awful vaginal odour, lack of penile erection, mood swing, vaginal discharge, or pain during sexual intercourse. All these instances can spoil the fun from love making with our partners. Today we have highlighted 10 useful hints on what to do after having sexual intercourse. Take a breath and read in between lines. You are at the right spot.

Dispose used toys and  condoms 

Immediately you finish making love to your partner,  carefully remove your condoms and avoid contact with fluids(blood, sperm, or vaginal fluids) on the surface of the condom. Sex toys should be washed clean and sterilize if necessary.

Wash off or take a bath

Some partners engage in deep oral sex like cunnilingus or bow jobs and fingering, this act. though quiet quite pleasant,  may transfer pathogens from the external environment (foods particles from mouth, creams or germs in our hands) into our partners body. It then sets as the genesis to yeast or bacteria grow.

Urinary tract infections are common consequences of poor vaginal  health maintenance. Our attention seem to focus more on the female counterpart because of the "open" nature of their sexual organs.

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Foreign substances or organisms find it easier to enter the female body. 

Nevertheless, wash your penis and dry it with a clean towel. A good penis hygiene prevents infection even if you have sex with an infected person (not always). You are also safe from inflammatory diseases and cancers. 

A shower is recommended for both sexes. Even if you want to take another round of the intercourse,  it's advisable to use a clean dry towel to "wipe down" your private part. Wiping from an upward direction can spread disease causing organisms from the anus into your vaginal

If you will not continue another phase of the excitement,  it's preferable to use warm water to wash off your vaginal. You can also shave your pubic hair during this time if you failed to do it earlier.  Although shaving clean before the act is preferably recommended. 

Change underwear 

After bathe, do not  repeat the previous underwear you wore before the intercourse, as foreplay might have contaminated it with germs from your partner's body parts. 

Also remember to wash the underwear you remove from your body immediately. Keeping them for a long period before washing may cause stains that are difficult to remove.

Drink water

It's no news that sweating occurs during sex, due to increased blood flow, muscle contractions, and body demands. The body releases salt and water to balance changes in our body temperature. Thus, we are dehydrated after intercourse. A glass of water or two is advisable. You can take a hypertonic solution (e.g. energy drink) if you feel so dehydrated or tired.

Eat post sex snacks 

The fact remains that energy and nutrients are lost during sex which is likely the reason you may become exhausted after act act, and also. You may notice that just like any other physical activity,  sexual intercourse can result to weight loss if those in the act do no feed the right foods, at the right proportion.

You can grab a cup of green tea or eat nuts, eating coconuts, bananas, eggs, taking yoghurts or apple fruits is health wise.

These foods contain nutrients that nourishes the vaginal, enable healthier erectile function, prevent cramps, and even boost the immune system's role in fighting diseases. 


Emotions can also affect physical performances, cuddling your partner after sex does not only show a feeling of sexual satisfaction but also show love and care. sex is intimacy; cuddling, mostly appreciated by the female counterpart, helps love birds not feel "not used as sex toys" or it helps them feel they are not wanted for sex only. 

Refresh your memory 

This has to do with watching a movie alone or with your partner,  playing some cool music,  or engaging in deep meaningful conversations. 

Some partners take selfies together in bed or play games. It's all for good,  it's cool to engage in any social activity of your choice. 


Sleep tends to occur spontaneously after sex. Scientific findings show that hormones (oxytocin and vasopressin) released during orgasm elicited dizziness or sleep.

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Sleep after sex is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it symbolizes satisfaction.

Take some pills

Intake of sexual contraceptives after sex serves emergency purposes to avoid unwanted pregnancy, and also to stop excessive bleeding in partners who are menstruating. 

Please note that this is not recommended unless the need arises. 

Take a walk

You can decide to go to a bar, amazement park, zoo, or any place of your choice. Staying indoors all day can be awkward and boring.  Moreover,  a sedentary lifestyle has obvious health hazards that should be avoided. 

Hanging out after making love with your partner reduces the feeling of total dependency on sexual lifestyles. It also relieves you from the past, and reshuffles your emotions for future fantasies.

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